Fernando Cordas (NL) & Manuel Giner (FR)

October 8, 2021 


October 8, 2021

8 pm CEST

Central European Summer Time

Real-time on Zoom

Manuel Giner

Manuel Giner support act

Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco
Capricho no. 21: Obsequio al Maestro

Alexandre Tansman
Variations on a theme by Scriabin

Fernando Cordas

Franz Schubert Liebesbotschaft
Franz Schubert Erstarrung

Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 4
Antonio Lauro Vals Venezolano No. 2
Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 2

Antonio Lauro Vals Venezolano No. 3
Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 3
Antonio Lauro Vals Venezolano No. 4

Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 1
Antonio Lauro Vals Venezolano No. 1
Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 5

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