Previous concerts

11 December 2021

Petra Poláčková (CZ) & Maya Descheemaeker (BE)

Polackova and Descheemaeker in concert

13 November 2021

Martin van Hees (NL) & Guo Zhi Tang (DE)

Martin van Hees & Guo Zhi Tang

8 October 2021

Fernando Cordas (NL) & Manuel Giner (FR)

Fernando Cordas_Manuel Giner Online Guitar Concerts

11 September 2021

Marcus de Jong (NL) & Paul Bizot (FR)

concert de Jong & Bizot

26 June 2021

Stefan Schmitz (DE) & Laura Rouy (FR)

Stefan Schmitz_Laura Rouy Gitaristen Podium

29 May 2021

Nathasja v. Rosse (NL) & Alexandru Grecu (RO)

Nathasja van Rosse_Alexandru Grecu Online Guitar Concerts

24 April 2021

José Dapena (ES) & Sara Rütten (NL)

Manuel Dapena_Sara Rutten Online Guitar Concerts

27 March 2021

Kristina Varlid (NO) & Rick Doornbos (NL)

Kristina Vaarlid_Rick Doornbos Online Guitar Concerts

12 March 2021

Izhar Elias (NL) & Roxane Radoux (FR)

Izhar Elias & Roxane Radoux in concert

19 February 2021

Rolf van Meurs (NL) & Flavio Banni (IT)

Rolf van Meurs & Flavio Banni in concert

Because of Covid19, a lot happened online. For guitarists, there was no possibility to perform. Therefore, after an absence of five years, the Guitarists Podium was quite suddenly revived, this time online.

The Dutch guitarist Rolf van Meurs and Flavio Banni from Italy started on 19 February this year in an excellent way.

classical guitarists

Each concert was opened by a conservatory student, followed by a professional. Until the summer, these guitarists performed a concert: Izhar Elias (NL), Roxane Radoux (FR), Kristina Varlid (NO), Rick Doornbos (NL), José Maria Dapena (ES), Sara Rutten (NL), Nathasja van Rosse (NL), Alexandru Grecu (RO), Stefan Schmitz (DE) and Laura Rouy (FR).

More information about their concerts later.

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