About Gitaristen Podium

From 2006-2016, Guitarists Podium organized classical guitar concerts in the Oude Etten Church in Etten (Gelderland). World-famous guitarists like Pavel Steidl, Roberto Aussel, Elena Papandreou, Carlo Marchione, Andrew York, Raphaella Smits, and Sabrina Vlaskalic have given concerts here.

To give guitarists some perspective in times of corona, Gitaristen Podium made an online restart in February 2021. Meanwhile, six beautiful guitar concerts have taken place. Twelve classical guitarists dared the online adventure and each of them played a beautiful concert from their own location.

Each concert a conservatory student plays the support act, followed by a professional. Afterward, there is a Q&A, where you can ask the guitarists questions. This concept is a success. That is why the online guitar concerts will continue after the summer holidays; also now that most Covid measures are past!

Contact: Gitaristen Podium, +316 22488503

Online Guitar Concerts is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the name Stichting Gelders Gitaristen Podium with the KVK number 09182474.