7 sound reasons to go to an online guitar concert

7 sound reasons to go to guitar concerts at home

Great, concert halls are opening again, so why go to an online guitar concert? Due to Covid, it has been impossible to attend concerts for a long time. Guitarists were idling about, sat at home twiddling their thumbs, without any perspective. That’s why I started up the guitar series Gitaristen Podium in February this year, after a radio silence of five years. Online this time. Listed below are seven healthy reasons to visit online guitar concerts, even after Covid. 

1. At the guitarists’ homes  

Rolf van Meurs, a versatile guitarist from the Netherlands, who has many followers on YouTube, was immediately enthusiastic about the concept and was the first to give a fantastic online guitar concert on February 19, 2021. In an exceptionally atmospheric living room, he played a classical and a romantic guitar and talked about the program and his guitars in a light-hearted way. In a completely different setting, namely a student room in Maastricht (the Netherlands), the Italian guitarist Flavio Banni (student of Carlo Marchione) played the support act. During another great online concert, we entered the studio of Izhar Elias and the support act by French guitarist Laura Rouy (student of Gabriel Bianco), from the stage of the Amsterdam Conservatory. So with each guitarist, you will find yourself in a completely different entourage.

first online guitar concert by Rolf van Meurs, 19-2-2021

2. Unlike anything else

I have become very enthusiastic about all online possibilities. To give you an example: In the last concert before the summer holidays, the German guitarist Stefan Schmitz played two works by the Mexican composer Eduardo Diaz, the only living composer on the program. We approached him for a live interview during the concert and so in the evening he explained the music from Mexico and told us about his background. It’s quite something: guitarists playing from Germany and Amsterdam, a composer speaking from Mexico, visitors from The Netherlands, France, Germany, Finland, Israël, America (and undoubtedly many more countries), organisation from east and west of The Netherlands, and all of this via the World Wide Web.

Most online concerts are pre-recorded and often well-directed. Livestream concert of the Belgian guitarist Raphaella Smits is an excellent example. It is like you are watching a film. Also in other online concerts, that are played and broadcasted live, I especially miss the interaction. After the last note of a piece of music is played, there is an unnatural silence, followed by the explanation of the next piece. 

The real-time guitar concerts of Gitaristen Podium have real applause. As a visitor, you simply unmute your microphone. We explain how to do this beforehand. The applause makes you realise even more that you are at a concert together, and for the guitarists it is very nice to get a reaction from their audience. After the concert there is a Q&A (Questions and Answers), in which also visitors can ask the guitarists questions. 

3. Always the best seat

I’m not that tall and I’ve been to a lot of concerts where I could only catch a glimpse of the guitarist. At online concerts, everyone has a perfect view and you can (if you want to) observe the technique and posture up close. 

4. Read along

It is very instructive to read along with sheet music. At physical concerts, it is not done to bring your sheet music and in terms of lighting, it is usually impossible. On our website programs are always mentioned well in advance. So, when you have the sheet music, take it out, read along with it and make notes if necessary; you won’t disturb anyone with it!

5. Efficient 

Because I (like many others) worked a lot online last year, I realise how much (travelling) time it takes to go to physical appointments like meetings and concerts. Although I love driving and meeting people in person, I notice that I work much more efficiently online. I also didn’t miss looking for a parking space and, I bought a microphone with the parking money I saved :-). Concerts that I would normally not visit, because they were too far away, you can catch online. I visited a beautiful online guitar concert by an upcoming talent that was streamed from England (London?). Unfortunately, I did not write down her name. She spoke in English and translated it into Spanish. Did you also attend this concert or do you know who I mean? Please let me know

6. No virus fear

According to Our World in Data, 60% of the population in the Netherlands has now been vaccinated. Many Covid measures are relaxed, but with the new virus variants and who is/is not vaccinated, the situation is still uncertain for many people. If you don’t want to take any risk, online concerts are always a good option, assuming your computer virus protection is working 😉

7. Double the joy

One visitor told me that he opens a good bottle of wine especially for each guitar concert and then enjoys the concert on the sofa with his partner. But of course, you can also serve yourself a homemade apple pie or a delicious snack. That is double enjoyment!

Here is a list of all the advantages of online guitar concerts:

1. Visit the guitarists at home

2. Unique and interactive

3. From your easy chair

4. With your sheet music on your lap

5. Efficient 

6. No risk of contamination

7. Make it your party

These guitarists will perform at Online Guitar Concerts this year:

Marcus de Jong (NL), Paul Bizot (FR), Fernando Cordas (NL), Manuel Giner (FR), Martin van Hees (NL), Guo Zhi Tang (DE), Petra Poláčková (CZ) en Maya Descheemaeker (BE).

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What is your reason for staying home for unique guitar concerts?
Please, let me know in a comment below. I am eager to hear from you!

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