1971, the year in which Bert Kwakkel built his first guitar. For Bert it was clear, ‘I’m gonna be a guitar builder’. Now, after fifty years and 560 beautiful guitars, it’s time to put Bert Kwakkel in the spotlight and celebrate this milestone with an Anniversary Concert. Bert Kwakkel’s guitars go all over the world. That’s why an online guitar concert has been organised, so everyone, from America to Japan, can join. Sean Shibe, Amanda Cook, Rosalind Beall and Redmond O’Toole, four great guitarists will each perform a part of this unique anniversary concert on Saturday 30 October. At the end there will be an interview with Bert by Diana Belfor.

The Anniversary Concert starts at 8 pm CET and takes place via Zoom. There are a limited number of tickets available (free of charge). Please, use the button below to sign up.

(C) Iga Gozdowska

SEAN SHIBE is a young, distinguished, Scottish guitarist. He takes an innovative approach to the traditional classical guitar by experimenting with instruments and repertoire. Shibe inspires composers such as James MacMillan, Daniel Kidane, Brian Bolger and Sofia Gubaidulina to compose new guitar music. Recently, his new CD ‘Camino’ was released with music by De Falla, Mompou and Satie, among others. 

Preludio – Frederic Mompou

Scottish lute music:
– Swit Sant Nickola
– Mervell’s Sarabande
– A Scott’s Tune
– Ladie lie neer me

More about Sean Shibe

English guitarist AMANDA COOK was dubbed “The ‘guitar queen’ with a silken touch” by The Independent. Cook’s concerts are praised for her sensitive musicality, fluid technique and ability to draw the audience into her world. As a member of the renowned Vida Guitar Quartet, she regularly tours the US, Europe and China.

Ständchen – Franz Schubert (arr. B. Mermikides)
Alba de Tormes – Federico M. Torroba
Zafra – Federico M. Torroba
Incantation no. 6 – William Lovelady


REDMOND O’TOOLE is Ireland’s most distinctive guitarist due to his unorthodox playing style and dedicated attitude. He plays an 8-string Brahms guitar in cello position, which gives O’Toole a different guitar technique. The Brahms guitar has a greater range compared to the 6-string guitar. There are 3 CDs by Redmond O’Toole released so far.

Sonate K213 in Dm – Domenico Scarlatti
Fugue BWV 1001 – J.S. Bach
Asturias – Isaac Albéniz
Cape Clear – Irish traditional
All arrangements by Redmond O’Toole

More about Redmond O’Toole

ROSALIND BEALL born 1985 in Kansas City, USA. Started playing the guitar at fourteen. First studied guitar and composition at Washington University, then at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where she graduated cum laude in 2010. In 2016 she made together with Jisse Vink the CD “Delta”, inspired by blues and folk music. Rosalind Beall lives in the Netherlands.

El Testament d’Amelia – arr. Miguel Llobet
Canço del Lladre – arr. Miguel Llobet
El Noi de la Mare – arr. Miguel Llobet
Black Water – Beall & Finch
Marieta – Francisco Tárrega
Gran Vals – Francisco Tárrega

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The online guitar concerts organized by Gitaristen Podium are not just streamed concerts, but real-time played concerts via Zoom. You come closer to the guitarists than ever! You all have the best seats, eat and drink whatever you want and if you like it, grab the sheet music and read along. During the concert you can ask questions to the guitarists via the chat. 

All our concerts start at 20:00. You can log in from 19:40. Until the concert starts we show slides with useful information. Just like at regular concerts you can applaud by simply unmuting your microphone.