Fernando Cordas (NL) & Manuel Giner (FR)

Friday, October 8, 2021 at 8 pm CEST


Friday October 8, 2021

8 pm CEST

Central European Summer Time

Real-time on Zoom

Manuel Giner
Manuel Giner

Manuel Giner support act

Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco
Capricho no. 21: Obsequio al Maestro

Alexandre Tansman
Variations on a theme by Scriabin

Fernando Cordas

Franz Schubert Liebesbotschaft

Franz Schubert Erstarrung

Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 4

Antonio Lauro Vals Venezolano No. 2

Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 2

Antonio Lauro Vals Venezolano No. 3

Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 3

Antonio Lauro Vals Venezolano No. 4

Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 1

Antonio Lauro Vals Venezolano No. 1

Heitor Villa-Lobos Prelude No. 5

Fernando Cordas
Fernando Cordas


The online guitar concerts organized by Gitaristen Podium are not just streamed concerts, but real-time played concerts via Zoom. You come closer to the guitarists than ever! You all have the best seats, eat and drink whatever you want and if you like it, grab the sheet music and read along. During the concert you can ask the guitarist of the support act as well as the main guitarist questions via the chat. After the concert, thet answer in the Q&A.

All our concerts start at 8 pm (Central European Summer Time). You can log in from 7:40 pm. Until the concert starts we show slides with useful information. Just like at regular concerts you can applaud by simply unmuting your microphone.

Stay in tune! 

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